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Indexed search of multiple branches of the Android Open Source Project hosted by Macpod LLC, (

Current index android versions include Oreo, Nougat, Marshmallow, Lollipop, KitKat, Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich

Please contact me to have a particular branch added/indexed, or to let me know if/why you find this useful. Please also let me know if you find this service to be too slow. It is currently hosted on an Intel Atom which meets my needs but if others are using it I may consider upgrading the hardware.

OpenGrok information may be found here:

Repository SCM Type: Parent (branch) Current version
android-4.0.1_r1.2 repo: N/A (N/A)N/A
android-4.1.1_r6.1 repo: N/A (N/A)N/A
android-4.1.2_r2.1 repo: N/A (N/A)N/A
android-4.2.2_r1.2 repo: N/A (N/A)N/A
android-4.3.1_r1 repo: N/A (N/A)N/A
android-4.4.2_r2 repo: N/A (N/A)N/A
android-4.4.3_r1.1 repo: N/A (N/A)N/A
android-4.4.4_r2 repo: N/A (N/A)N/A
android-4.4_r1.2 repo: N/A (N/A)N/A
android-5.1.0_r5 repo: N/A (N/A)N/A
android-5.1.1_r38 repo: N/A (N/A)N/A
android-6.0.1_r77 repo: N/A (N/A)N/A
android-7.0.0_r24 repo: N/A (N/A)N/A
android-7.1.0_r7 repo: N/A (N/A)N/A
android-7.1.1_r1 repo: N/A (N/A)N/A
android-7.1.1_r58 repo: N/A (N/A)N/A
android-7.1.2_r1 repo: N/A (N/A)N/A
android-7.1.2_r33 repo: N/A (N/A)N/A
android-8.0.0_r1 repo: N/A (N/A)N/A
android-8.0.0_r17 repo: N/A (N/A)N/A