1Change log for Android SDK Tools.
3Revision 14:
5- Build performance improvements:
6   * resource compilation and packaging now properly use dependency to only
7     be executed if a resource changed.
8   * Optimized resource compilation for projects with libraries. This should
9     speed up this phase significantly for large projects with libraries.
10   * PNG files that are optimized during resource packaging are now cached
11     and only re-optimized if they changed instead of doing at every build.
12- New library project mechanism:
13   *
15Revision 13:
17Revision 12: (07/2011):
18- The AVD manager and emulator can now use system images compiled for ARM v7 and
19  x86 CPUs.
21Revision 11 (05/2011):
22- See eclipse/changes.txt for ADT related changes.
24Revision 10 (02/2011):
25- The tools now automatically generate Java Programming Language
26  source files (in the gen directory) and bytecode (in the res/raw
27  directory) from your native .rs files
29Revision 9 (01/2011):
30- Fix packaging issue that broke draw9patch
31- Ant build rules will now check the Ant version and fail if it's older than 1.8
32- Fix "folder locked" errors when installing packages in SDK Manager on Windows.
33- Support https proxy when installing from SDK Manager.
34- SDK Manager now suggests to install missing base platform for add-ons.
35- Default proguard config file changes:
36   * ignore classes extending android.preference.Preference
37   * ignore classes extending android.app.backup.BackupAgentHelper
38- Ant lib rules now allow for overriding java.encoding, java.source, and java.target
39- Default encoding for Ant javac is now UTF-8
40- Logcat view in DDMS now properly displays UTF-8 characters.
43Revision 8 (12/2010):
44- New SDK component: platform-tools. This makes all platforms use the same
45  latest version of aapt/aidl/dx.
46- Support for true debug build. No need to change the value of debuggable in
47  the Android Manifest.
48  "ant debug" will automatically insert debuggable==true, while "ant release"
49  will not.
50  If debuggable=true is set, then "ant release" will actually do a debug build.
51- Automatic Proguard support in release builds. Only need to have a proguard.config
52  property in default.properties that points to a proguard config file.
53- new overridable Ant javac properties: java.encoding, java.source, and java.target
54  (default to "ascii", "1.5" and "1.5")
57Revision 7 (09/2010):
58- Support for Ant rules provided by the Tools components (override the one in
59  the platform component)
60- Added support for libraries with library dependencies.
61- Support for aidl files in library projects.
62- Support for extension targets in Ant build to perform tasks between the
63  normal tasks: -pre-build, -pre-compile, -post-compile.
64- Headless SDK update. See 'android -h update sdk' for more info.
65- Fixed location control in DDMS to work in any locale not using '.' as a
66  decimal point.
69Revision 6 (05/2010)
70- Support for library project to share code/resources among projects
71    - Updated Ant rules and custom tasks
72    - New "android create lib-project", "android update lib-project" actions.
73    - New parameter for "android update project"
76Revision 5 (03/2010):
77- AVD/SDK Manager:
78	- Fixed SSL download for the standalone version of the SDK Updater.
79	- Fixed issue with 64bit JVM on windows.
80	- Add support for samples components.
81	- improved support for dependency between components.
82	- AVDs now sorted by API level.
83	- Prevent deletion of running AVDs.
84	- Settings are now automatically saved, no need to click Apply.
85- Emulator now requires sd card to be 9MB and above.
86- Fixed layoutopt.bat to correctly execute on Windows.